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About Us

Thermocouple-Online.Com is a website owned by Nordic Sensors Ind., Inc., a Canadian corporation established in 1996 by Mr. Massimo and Mr. Carlo Di Paola. Initially, NSI was conceived with the purpose of becoming the premier temperature sensor manufacturer in Canada. We strongly believe that this goal has been accomplished. NSI manufactures the largest variety of temperature sensors that cater to a multitude of industrial applications. Furthermore, through dedication, research and development, and the desire to provide better products and services to our broad customer base, NSI has also become a major manufacturer of electrical heating elements.

More precisely, NSI manufactures Mica band heaters, ceramic heaters and cartridge heaters. Our expertise in electrical heating manufacturing has also led us to become manufacturers of electrically efficient custom industrial ovens.

In the continuing goal of becoming a “Complete Process Control Provider”, we are working in collaboration with GEFRAN ISI, a world leader in the manufacturing of process control instrumentation such as temperature controllers, melt pressure transducers, load cells, linear transducers and more. As the exclusive master distributor for Canada, we are proud to offer our clients the complete line of GEFRAN ISI products.

In addition to instrumentation, we also supply a vast range of industrial products. These products include hydraulic and pneumatic components, level measuring instruments for tanks and silos, control panels, and all related electrical accessories.

Our Company Mission

Our mandate is to continuously evolve toward becoming a “Complete Process Control Provider”. As a result, we have a highly qualified engineering department eager to meet new challenges and specific custom requirements. We are receptive to evaluating any project, regardless of size, and gladly provide any technical support needed.

To all of you, from all of us at NSI - Thank you for your continued trust in our services and expertise. Let us know how we can help your business grow.

Massimo & Carlo Di Paola
Owners, Nordic Sensors Industrial Inc, Thermocouple-Online.Com