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Resistance thermometers, as well called resistance temperature indicators (RTDs), are sensors used to assess temperature. Numerous RTD elements comprise of a length of fine metal wrapped around a clay or glass center however different developments are likewise utilized. The RTD metal wire is an immaculate material, regularly platinum, nickel, or copper. The material has an exact resistance/temperature relationship which is utilized to give a sign of temperature. As RTD components are delicate, they are regularly housed in defensive probes. RTDs, which have higher precision and repeatability, are gradually supplanting thermocouples in industrial applications underneath 600 (℃).

Miniature Adjustable Bayonet Style RTD diagram
RTD vs Thermocouple
Since the terms envelop whole ranges of temperature sensors custom for use under a range of conditions, it is difficult to conclude whether RTDs or thermocouples are the superior choice as a whole. Rather, it is more helpful to compare the performance of RTDs and thermocouples utilizing particular qualities such as cost and temperature range so that clients can choose based on the particular needs of their organizations.
Thermocouples are better than RTDs when it comes to cost, toughness, estimation speed, and the range of temperatures that can be measured utilizing them. Most thermocouples cost 2.5 to 3 times less than RTDs and the fact RTD installation is less expensive than thermocouple installation, the savings in installation costs are not enough to tip the balance. Besides, thermocouples are intended to be more tough and respond quicker to changes in temperature because of that same design. Be that as it may, the main selling point of thermocouples is their range. Most RTDs are limited to a max temperature of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. In contrast, certain thermocouples can be utilized to measure up to 2700 degrees Fahrenheit.

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