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Adjustable Melt Bolt RTD

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Adjustable Melt Bolt RTD Diagram

Product Name: Adjustable Melt Bolt RTD Application: Temperature Sensor For Plastics & Packaging , Industrial Processes
RTD Element Type: Pt100, Pt1000, 2x Pt100 Pt1000 Operating temperature: -200 C to +500 C

Adjustable Melt Bolt RTD has a movable probe activated by an inner screw mechanism. Available in RTD Element Type 1 x Pt100, 2 x Pt100, 1 x Pt1000 and 2 x Pt1000.

Melt Bolt Length "L"

"U" Tip Diameter

Insertion Depth "U"

RTD Element Type

Ohms Class A Class B
1 x Pt100
2 x Pt100
1 x Pt1000
2 x Pt1000

Temperature Coefficient: 0.00385 / Platinum element / IEC 751

RTD Wire Connection

wire configuration

Leads Wire Length In Inches ("B" Dimension on above diagram)

Termination Type

(2 & 3 Wire config. only)
(2 & 3 Wire config. only)
(2 & 3 Wire config. only)
(2 & 3 Wire config. only)

Model No
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