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Nozzle Bolt Style Thermocouple

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Nozzle Bolt Style Thermocouple Diagram

Product Name: Nozzle Bolt Style Thermocouple Application: Temperature Sensor For Plastics and Packaging, General industrial applications
Calibration: TYPE J Or Type K Maximum operating temperature: 900F Or 500C

Nozzle Bolt Style Thermocouple are perfect in applications for nozzles with insignificant divider thickness between within bore and hex level. Threaded nozzle Thermocouples are equipped with either a threaded, rotatable swivel bolt, or a settled bolt which turns freely of the augmentation leads for simple establishment. Nozzle Bolt Style Thermocouple is a general purpose temperature sensor designed to suit applications where low profile temperature detection is required. The thermocouple sensor is designed to sense temperature in a pre-determined threaded hole.

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